Helene Sténhoff new CEO of Equalis

The board of Equalis has appointed Helene Sténhoff as the new CEO of Equalis.

Helene Sténhoff has a degree in analytical chemistry and has been head of development for area 4 at Sahlgrenska University hospital since 2017. Since 2021, she has also been assistant area manager with responsibility for laboratory medicine in the region of Västra Götaland. Previously, Helene worked as the operational manager for Laboratory medicine & Hospital pharmacy at the hospital of Kungälv, and at several different positions at AstraZeneca, both as a manager and a chemist.

Helene has years of experience from both the private and public sector, and a broad knowledge in operational management and quality assurance, as well as a master’s degree in leadership in public organisations. Since 2018, Helene has also been a member of the board of Equalis and, thus, has a good insight into the history of Equalis and possibilities of the future.

Helene Sténhoff takes office February 1st 2024. Until then Anna Norling is acting CEO.